New team

Dear readers, hello. We have just passed some time without sharing any news about our activities as usual. Unfortunately, we have lost our colleague and webmaster [Name]. God gives life, but when the time comes, we leave this world. …We thank him for all he has done in life to bring a building block to the society.

We hereby announce that we have a new team that will take over the deceased.

1. Aloys N.: Journalist and defender of human rights, I was inspired by the projects of Haarlem-Mutare and would like to make my contribution, however small, to building a sustainable society

2. Sanchita Das: Writer of unalienable liberties of mankind, the ebb and flow of lives of the human

being at different layers of society, various strata of sect. I had an aspiration of writing on human profiles with this organization cause of these guys work on cultural relationship in the cities of Haarlem & Mutare. And I am invigorated & especially obliged to the authorities of this organization for giving me this opportunity to hold the pen down about Stedenband Haarlem – Mutare so that I can contribute in a way that I am aspiring for.

3. Frances Morris: Researcher and project practitioner with 25 years’ experience in international development and small scale development initiatives from voluntary groups and civil society organisations. I hope to help Stedenband Haarlem-Mutare and partners achieve their aims in supporting sustainable development, promoting education and global citizenship, informing on and developing climate accords and working with the SDGs with groups here in the Netherlands and globally.

Pour marque-pages : Permaliens.

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