the street arts of EARLBIRDS IS OPEN

On December 9th, the official opening of the Earlybirds street art took place

Location: Gedempte Oostersingelgracht cycle tunnel. The official opening was done by Diana van Loenen in collaboration with Studio Earlybird.
Before the opening, Dik Bol gave a tour of the sculpture garden in Spaarnoog. This sculpture is from de Mutare project en has been a source of inspiration for the Haarlem artists Earlybirds.
In 2007, 18 sculptors from Mutare made 40 stone sculptures for this new district, and Haarlem artist Richard Lagerweij designed a Zimbabwean weaving pattern in the Damaststraat roadway.
At the inauguration, Diana van Loenen said that the municipality of Haarlem would encourage the creation of murals in Haarlem.

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