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HAARLEM- Zimbabwe means “stone houses” in shona. His name is Gift Sanyanga (Coordinator Mutare Stedenband). He was born in the city of Mutasa in Zimbabwe on May 28th, 1974. He has been diligently engaged in ‘Zimsurf’ program since the year of 2002. This program conforms to definite sustainability development goals. I just shared with you some scoop which I have heard from this man! According to him, Network can hold the key to communicating in many arenas with other masses in the sphere of commercial activity, provide all people with opportunities to create business relationships and to impart at their own level connect to their perceptions in their sect and setup links to global industry. The main goal of this program is to bring the underprivileged people back to the mainstream of society by showing them the right path as well as their main agenda is to present the situations or problems (sports, education, health, housing etc.) around them to everyone through this program. It also brings us into contact with different folks of different ways of life. There can be inserted data in frame that can effectuate the importance of this initiative, for instance, resource mobilization, which is inevitable in community service, tapping indigenous knowledge which can avert environmental crux. Undeniably, the economic condition of a country depends on her industry and industry again depends on technical knowledge. But the people are unable to do accurate usance of their wealth for lack of technical knowledge. We will be able to build a healthy and better society if communal harmony is strengthened towards each other irrespective of race, cast and creed. This program can be considered significantly when the people will have the ardor of global citizenship. It has been corroborated that creative and cultural relationship can help promote civil standards. If people from various tiers of community get together and partake in constructive work concertedly there is nothing better than this. It can facilitate us a good turn to have a better understanding with the stratum of our environment. It is desirable to ameliorate the quality of living standard of the succeeding generations through implementing sustainable development that will be feasible with the effort to beef up societal consciousness and responsiveness. Over and above, how the exacerbation of global warming can be mitigated through sustainable development with changes in air quality to protect the climate of the planet (i.e., to curb the alarming rise in global temperature across the orb along with abating yearly cyclonic storm), not only that, how to diminish the impact of coronavirus on food security. On the ground of closure of restaurants, schools, colleges, non-essential shops, workplaces, the want of commodities have decreased in certain instances, which is why with the increase in food wastage, the demand for victuals has also increased. The perspective of this program is for those underdeveloped communities who are struggling with their lives to achieve something in every moment, we strive to collaborate with those people by various methods. Laying a social foundation with them through effective tete-a-tete discussion to develop social awareness, to act measures against adverse climate, they must learn to adapt to any kinda circumstances to themselves spontaneously. If we consider with respect to the public health service, there are many more challenges for Zimbabwe. If we take just a few examples Ebola, HIV/AIDS and then heaping of sorrow upon sorrow COVID-19 pandemic which wreak havoc, however, at least a little bit we heaved sigh of relief regarding the HIV. Thanks to the attainment of some community awareness. But there is still a great deal of

negligence on the part of the healthcare system. Incertitude remains as to how fruitful this will be soon for the country. Main factor is, none of the schemes can be accomplished unless and until the country gets a sustainable political environment. Judging by the current context it is verily dismaying for us. Where the system is in turmoil there is no remedy. Political corruption in Zimbabwe has become endemic within its political private and civil sectors. Political anarchy has had a unsalutary impact as a ground of socio-economic degeneracy. Ergo, the country has remained poor despite their rich natural resources. Our government is passive to the issues and is not discreet of their value and are not endeavoring to resuscitate them. There is impending general election ahead of. And of late people from all walks of society are representing in politics through inclusion. For instance, creative industry (theater personality, singer, cartoonist etc.) who started playing a key role in changing the entire political warp and woof. So, the contributions from the fronts like visual and performing artists can not be disregarded at all. We can truly sum it up as the “Freedom of Expression” is a fundamental human right. One good paradigm of that is radio station which broadcasts Zimbabwean content, but it is located outside Zimbabwean territory. It is not that easy to do but things have begun happening towards the right direction. If we come to the point of economy the biggest challenge is very low disposable income for most people in the society. In other words, simple way to put it: a big chunk of society continues to live below the poverty line. So, it is that things have come to a pretty pass. This time let’s change the taste with sports. In this background, erstwhile, there was a boom in sports in this country but today it has almost come to a standstill. Judging from the standpoint of the athletics, now, all that left is fiasco and despondency. A closer look reveals that the political instabilities has left a lasting impression. In a different light, the economy and the sports sector have undergone the hassle the most on account of politics. In fact, in none of sports forthwith Zimbabwe is doing anything fair. The worst has come to the worst. Take a good example of cricket, ostensibly not too long ago they were always featured at the list of top 10 cricket playing nations. They were very competitive at the topmost level of cricket but today is all past and they hardly get an opportunity to participate in global tournaments along with other top cricketing nations. The yo-yo of Zimbabwe cricket because of government interventions in their cricketing affairs. The whole administration has turned topsy-turvy. This time I have come to the very last layer of retrospection. We can discuss regarding the vital topic of education to some degree. Make no sense in telling for the past two years while COVID-19 pandemic reigned supreme, the education system is out of the frying pan into the fire. Teachers are not at all enterprising due to lack of motivation to teach at school or at other institution assiduously. With the pandemic forcing striking educators over low paid reaches the ire. The average pay package for the teachers is not at all enough which often force them to think of giving private tuitions or lessons. COVID-19 has augmented the workload of teachers to such an extent that they must face many challenges. Zimbabwe continues to face significant education crisis with serious impact on the economic condition. Teachers try to convince the parents with the dream of coaching their kids that extra lessons so that they can fair better academically. Of course, that is opening an alternative source of income for them. But it is also true that the overall situation of the country may change over time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


By Sanchita Das

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