Photo-Exhibition Water = Life

Life: I love life. No life without water. The Spaarne runs through Haarlem. Just like in Mutare, rivers are vital for nature’s biodiversity and for the lives of all residents. The inhabitants of Haarlem are increasingly aware of this; for the city to remain livable, the river must be healthy. Citizen groups in both cities are very active in protecting the river’s environment.

Dik Bol: I have been a street photographer since the 80s and have taken many photo trips to countries in Europe, Southern Africa and Central America. As coordinator of city link Haarlem Mutare, I am involved in a clean rivers campaign in Haarlem and our sister city Mutare. I am also developing a water game for primary education with teachers and students from five European countries. In the exhibition you will see portraits of people who want to contribute to a sustainable world.

Healthy rivers: Clean water is a condition of life for everyone, everywhere. Since this spring, the Haarlem-Mutare Foundation has been working with organizations in Haarlem and its sister city Mutare to clean the rivers of both cities. We started on March 18, 2023 on National CleanUp-Day in both cities. The Spaarne was cleaned that day by the IVN, the Trekvogels canoe club, the Kontiki scout group, the SUPmission Haarlem, de Pinguïn, the city link Haarlem Mutare, the Roadside Gang and numerous volunteers. Citizen group Mutare Rivers Rehabilitation Initiative (MRRI) cleans the Sakubva every week and works with Mutare Municipality.

Board game The water cycle: As part of the Ecotrip 2023 festival, Haarlem-Mutare is organizing a workshop on its latest game to raise awareness among young people of the importance of clean water. On Wednesday November 1st afternoon, from 2 p.m., we will organize a fun and educational afternoon for children in groups 7 and 8 of primary school on the theme “The water cycle”.

At the Binnensteeds community center, Nieuwe Groenmarkt 20 in Haarlem. We have created a board game for children in primary school groups 7 and 8 with themes such as drought, floods, chemical pollution and plastic soup. This game is intended to be played in class. Now children can learn about it for the first time and we also learn from their experiences. This board game is the first of three innovative board games we are developing to teach lessons on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in upper primary schools. The courses and all necessary materials will be made available free of charge in Dutch, English and other languages ​​of the participating partners. We work in collaboration with universities and NGOs from Germany, Portugal, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

Cartoon workshop: On Saturday 4, 5 November at 2 p.m., Haarlem cartoonist Peter Koch will lead a cartoon workshop inspired by the theme of water.

Participation in the workshop is free. Registration via

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