Sanchita’s essay

A MAN IS WHAT A MAN DOES HAARLEM- Zimbabwe means “stone houses” in shona. His name is Gift Sanyanga (Coordinator Mutare Stedenband). He was born in the city of Mutasa in Zimbabwe on May 28th, 1974. He has been diligently engaged in ‘Zimsurf’ program since the year of 2002. This… Lees verder

New Year’s reception

This Friday, January 27, several tenants of the apartment where the City Link Haarlem-Mutare and Pletterij work will celebrate the new Year 2023. “The event, which is a tradition, has not been celebrated for three years due to the Covid-19 crisis. It is therefore a pleasure to celebrate it again…. Lees verder

Happy New Year

Dear readers, Best wishes for the year 2023. We thank you for being faithful to our publications in Dutch or in English. This is one of the forms of support for our activities. And new with our Web, from this new year 2023, we will offer to the amateurs of… Lees verder

8 June 20.00 hrs, Theme evening and Exhibition Press Freedom in Nicaragua and the rest of the world, by Pedro X Molina and Hossien Rezaei .

We are going to talk about the increasing suppression of press, catoonists and others. Although more and more seems to be happening, it is becoming increasingly difficult for cartoonists to get it is becoming increasingly difficult for cartoonists to get their story out in many parts of the world. Pedro… Lees verder