New Year’s reception

This Friday, January 27, several tenants of the apartment where the City Link Haarlem-Mutare and Pletterij work will celebrate the new Year 2023.

“The event, which is a tradition, has not been celebrated for three years due to the Covid-19 crisis. It is therefore a pleasure to celebrate it again. The traddition is basically celebrated on the last Friday of January. We can’t wait to celebrate,…enjoy the taste of our tradition” say Dik Bol, Coordinator of Stedenband Haarlem-Mutare.

He also says that the event will soon be an opportunity to meet over drinks, discuss between colleagues and co-tenants and discuss different topics, strengthen the network, etc.

The Political Cafe will take place from 16.00-17.00, you are also very welcome there!

Time: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Address: Lange Herenvest 122
2011 BX Haarlem

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