Conference Didactics Game in Utrecht

On Wednesday, January 31, 2024, the Haarlem-Mutare twinning participated in the Didactic Game conference in Utrecht for the fourth time. That day, teachers, pedagogical experts and other education professionals came together for an inspiring program of keynotes, workshops and the game market during the 8th edition of this Didactic Game Conference organized by the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Saganet.

At the conference, our Fondation Haarlem-Mutare gave a workshop on the promising game “Aqua Hero’s”, which we are developing together with four European colleges and two other NGOs.

The game is part of the “Games for Goals” project where we are going to make 3 educational board games for primary schools and an educational catalog in three years.

All made possible with a contribution from het Erasmus+European education program.

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