Board game “The Water Cycle”

As part of the Ecotrip Festival 2023, the Stedenband Haarlem-Mutare is organising a workshop around its latest game to raise awareness among young people about the importance of drinking water.

On Wednesday, 1st November from 2:00 p.m., we are hosting a fun and informative afternoon of games for children in Groups 7 and 8 of the primary school on the theme “The Water Cycle” at the Binnensteeds Community Center, Nieuwe Groenmarkt 20 in Haarlem. The parts of the board game that we are going to present deal with topics such as drought, floods, chemical pollution, and plastic soup. This game is intended to be played in the classroom in secondary  schools.

This Wednesday afternoon, children and their parents can get acquainted with it for the first time and we also learn from their experiences.

This board game is the first of three innovative board games we are developing to be able to teach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the upper grades of primary school.

As part of a European Erasmus project, we collaborate with specialised universities and NGOs in Germany, Portugal, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. The lessons and all the necessary materials will be made available free of charge as part of this project.


Dik Bol



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