Activities around de ontmaskerde macht (the unmasked power)

With our exhibition DE ONTMASKERDE MACHT (the Unmasked Power) we provide a platform various several cartoonists and artists, including the acclaimed politicial cartoonists Jonathan Zapiro from South Africa, Ramón Esono Ebalé from Equatorial Guinea and Pedro X Molina from Nicaragua. All three have in recent years been awarded the prestigious COURAGE IN CARTOONING AWARD from Cartoon Right Network International.


Saturday 28 May Afrikadag (Africa Day) Lecture, Royal Tropical Institute, Mauritskade 63 Amsterdam

On Saturday 28 May we’ll be holding a workshop at the national Afrikadag  2022 being held in the Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam.  The day is organised by the Max van der Stoel Foundation. Anita Brus will be giving a lecture on the role of ‘emptiness’ in the cartoons of Ramón Esonó Ebalé and others.  Tickets for Afrikadag are available via

3 June to end-August

Exhibition in the North-Holland Provincial Office, Houtplein 3 Haarlem

The first floor of the Provincial Office will host an exhibition of more than 40 cartoons from Zapiro, Esono Ebalé , Molina and other international colleague cartoonists. The exhibition will provide a sharp commentary on how dictators oppress their people, and can be seen during office hours from the beginning of June to the end of August.


8 June, 16.30 hrs, Opening Exhibition Provincial Office by Frénk van der Linden

In his role as ambassador of the Media Fund, journalist Frénk van der Linden will lead a discussion with cartoonists Hossein Rezaei (Afghanistan) and Pedro Molina (Nicaragua), and with curators of the exhibition Anita Brus, Dik Bol and Tjeerd Royaards (editor-in-chief of Cartoon Movement). Cartoon Movement is an online platform that brings together 500 professional political cartoonists from all over the world. Anita Brus examines the effect of emptiness in, amongst others, the cartoons of Ramón Esonó Ebalé.

Entrance is free.


1 June to 1 August 2022, Exhibition in the Pletterij Theatre Hall, Lange Herenvest 122 Haarlem

For opening hours see:

8 June 20.00 hrs, Theme evening and Exhibition, Pletterij, Lange Herenvest 122 Haarlem by Pedro X Molina.

Pedro Molina is celebrated for his sharp cartoons over the dictatorial rule of President Daniel Ortega. Although the Nicaraguan newspaper CONFIDENTIAL where his work is published has been closed, it still publishes online. Pedro himself had to flee the country and now lives in the USA, where he temporarily teaches. The cartoonists Molina en Rezaei have in common the fact that both had to flee their homeland.  During the evening special attention will be given to the situation in Nicaragua, which is increasingly developing as the ‘North Korea’ of Central America.

Tickets cost €. 3.-,  Proceeds will be donated to Stichting Flores for the benefit of political prisoners in Nicaragua.

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