This week, I [Dik Bol] am working in Antwerpen as co-organizer of the 2nd mobility (student exchange) of the Games for Goals project. I am doing this with a motivated team of teachers and 24 college students from four countries and three NGOs from Netherland and France to develop an educational game about biodiversity. Intended for upper primary school classes. We do this at the AP University of Applied Sciences in Antwerp. We are developing a game on biodiversity with these students. This game is intended for upper primary education in 5 European countries. We previously developed a water cycle game using the same formula.
This week, at the AP University of Applied Sciences in Antwerp, it is also “International Week” in which more than 80 students from Dutch and Belgian normal schools are participating. Yesterday, with Apoline Bouin from the French NGO Kurioz, I led two workshops for 48 participating students with our first game on the water cycle. We received very valuable feedback there, which we used to create this water feature.
With this European educational project Games for Goals, we will not only create three games on the Sustainable Development Goals in the coming years, but we will also help students become game players for a better world. Thanks to Erasmus+ who make this valuable project financially possible.

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