Photo-Exhibition Water = Life

Life: I love life. No life without water. The Spaarne runs through Haarlem. Just like in Mutare, rivers are vital for nature’s biodiversity and for the lives of all residents. The inhabitants of Haarlem are increasingly aware of this; for the city to remain livable, the river must be healthy…. Lees verder

World Cleanup Day 2023

Clean/drinking water is a condition of life for everyone, everywhere in the world. Since this spring, the Haarlem-Mutare Foundation has been working with organizations in Haarlem and its sister city Mutare in Zimbabwe to clean the rivers in both cities. We started on March 18, 2023 on National Clean Up… Lees verder

Looking for aquatic creatures in Schalkwijk aan Zee

Press release   On Sunday September 3, the Haarlem-Mutare Urban link Foundation was present with a large number of volunteers at the Haarlem Schalkwijk aan Zee festival at Molenplaspark. This year, special attention was paid to sustainability and climate. With the participation of organizations such as MOOIZOOI (making objects from… Lees verder