Far away yet still close by

The Stedenband Haarlem-Mutare foundation has been connecting two worlds for more than 25 years: the Western European world of the Netherlands and the African world of Zimbabwe, building sustainable social and cultural relations between the two cities.   Our basis Reciprocity and equality Transfer of knowledge and experience Education and… Lees verder

Conference Didactics Game in Utrecht

On Wednesday, January 31, 2024, the Haarlem-Mutare twinning participated in the Didactic Game conference in Utrecht for the fourth time. That day, teachers, pedagogical experts and other education professionals came together for an inspiring program of keynotes, workshops and the game market during the 8th edition of this Didactic Game… Lees verder

the street arts of EARLBIRDS IS OPEN

On December 9th, the official opening of the Earlybirds street art took place Location: Gedempte Oostersingelgracht cycle tunnel. The official opening was done by Diana van Loenen in collaboration with Studio Earlybird. Before the opening, Dik Bol gave a tour of the sculpture garden in Spaarnoog. This sculpture is from… Lees verder

Board game “The Water Cycle”

As part of the Ecotrip Festival 2023, the Stedenband Haarlem-Mutare is organising a workshop around its latest game to raise awareness among young people about the importance of drinking water. On Wednesday, 1st November from 2:00 p.m., we are hosting a fun and informative afternoon of games for children in… Lees verder

The 15th National Meeting of Platform Zimbabwe

On Saturday, October 14, three members of the Haarlem-Mutare city link were present at the national meeting of Platform Zimbabwe. This annual meeting of private initiatives on Zimbabwe was held for the 15th time. This time at Corderius College in Amersfoort. In an excellent atmosphere, about 45 people from 20… Lees verder

Death press release

On Sunday evening we learned the sad news of the death of Cees Versteeg. Cees was behind the successful Haarlem-Mutare City Link sports project. He was an enthusiastic CIOS teacher and a passionate initiator of the sports exchange program. He meant a lot to many people in the Netherlands, Zimbabwe… Lees verder

Photo-Exhibition Water = Life

Life: I love life. No life without water. The Spaarne runs through Haarlem. Just like in Mutare, rivers are vital for nature’s biodiversity and for the lives of all residents. The inhabitants of Haarlem are increasingly aware of this; for the city to remain livable, the river must be healthy…. Lees verder